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This month the topic is HOMOPHONE’s – Words that sound the same but are spelt differently…

So if you are bored over the holidays, try this fun quiz!

For example  – What is the number before ‘nine’ and the past tense of  ‘eat’  Answer eight/ate

What we use to see with and a pronoun
The informal word for hello and the opposite of low
A word that means ‘very ‘ and something you do when you make clothes
An ingredient in a cake and something that smells nice
The name of a fruit and the word you use when you have 2 of something
A male child and the big yellow ‘thing’ in the sky
A possessive pronoun and there are 24 of them in 1 day

Answers to Quiz

1.Eye/ I 2.Hi/High      3.So/sew    4. Flour/flower    5.Pear/pair 6. Son/sun   

7.  Our/Hour

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